Single Parenting and Homeschooling

Is it possible for a single parent to implement homeschooling into her day in order to provide what might be the ultimate educational experience for a child? While the answer to this question is undoubtedly yes, the experience will be a bit more difficult and tedious than it is for a two-parent household.

Fortunately, one of the positive aspects of homeschooling is the flexibility that it offers While incorporating traditional school hours into the day of a homeschooled child might be the optimal method to use, there’s no rule that dictates that it must be so. As long as the required number of hours is met each day, some flexibility in the scheduling is permissible. This level of flexibility is what drives most working adults towards taking university courses from home such as accounting degrees online and other degree courses. It is this flexibility in scheduling that allows a single parent the opportunity to utilize homeschooling with her child. In addition to the obvious suggestion to take a job with evening hours, single parents can juggle homeschooling hours to fit their work schedule while meeting the educational requirements.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the single parent, one or more of the following suggestions can be incorporated to allow for sufficient time for homeschooling his child. In fact, the greater number of suggestions that a single parent can implement into their daily routine, the more time they will have to fit in the homeschooling of their child.

Homeschooling and the Single Parent: Work Flexibility

Finding a job that is more accommodating to a homeschooling schedule is one of the easiest methods to use to find the time for homeschooling.

Each of the following tips can create the time needed for this type of individualized learning experience:

• Find a telecommuting job that can be done from home each day. While this does not decrease the actual amount of time needed each work day, it does eliminate travel time while offering some degree of flexibility in some cases for work hours.
• Begin a home-based business to save on time and create the ultimate in flexibility. Do your research first to ensure that there is a market for the type of business that you are considering.
• Find a job close to home that limits travel time. If you switch from a job with a daily commute of two hours to one with a daily commute of twenty minutes, you have given yourself enough time for one lesson each day.
• Find a job with evening hours
• Find a job that allows you to work longer hours onthe weekend, freeing up hours during the weekdays for homeschooling.
• Consider homeschooling with the help of other family members who can pick up the lessons that you do not have time to complete.